About Me

Photography is one of my longest-running independent creative endeavors. I'm primarily drawn to nature and travel scenes, though other subjects occasionally catch my interest.

I post new photographs from time to time on social media. Follow me on Twitter, Glass, and Instagram to see the latest.

For more about me and the other things I do, visit my general site.

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My Approach

I prefer to focus on composing shots, and I try to keep a light touch with the photographs once captured by the camera. The vast majority of photographs here have had very little or no post-processing done. So more about catching the scene in the moment and less fiddling with it after the fact, which I think results in a more natural feel to the work. 

Purchasing Prints

Photograph prints purchased here are facilitated by SmugMug and fulfilled by the professionals at Bay Photo Lab who ship directly from there. Bay Photo offers a variety of mounting and framing choices, so be sure to look at the finishing options for any prints you're purchasing as part of the checkout process.

(Note that the "MRC Photography" watermark that appears in the lower right corner of photographs on this site will not appear on purchased prints.)


Click or tap the envelope icon below to send me an email if you have any questions, comments, or requests.

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